Bluetooth communication system for social cycling. Bike to bike communication, group intercom and connections to your mobile, GPS & MP3 player.

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5 tips to enjoy group rides


Riding in a group seems to bring a fantastic dynamic to cycling, build skills and fitness; plus it looks like so much fun! (And we all like to pretend we are on Tour de France…no? just me?!). But how do you start if none of your friends ride?
We asked everyone in Cardo Systems, (most of us ride), for some tips and this is what we came up with:

1. Get over your fears by understanding that we all have them: everyone is self-conscious about something, weight, speed, beginner, too young/too old, my-bike-is-not-expensive-enough issues, etc. If you are dying to be a part of a group then don’t miss out, make a move – join a group!

2. How to find a group?
• Get involved with your local shop, they will probably have their own organized rides or a message board (where you can also post if you want to create your own group); they know all the local clubs and let’s face it, it’s always a good idea to have good relations with your local bike shop.
• Use a social App like Endomondo to connect with people and organize your own group. (Endomondo also works perfectly with the cardo BK-1 so you can use it for pep talks while training before joining group rides).

• Find the right ride for you! Find a group suited to your pace; if you’re new to group riding you can’t expect to go with the hammerheads on your first ride.
If you are experienced you could join a beginners group, (if you are new in town, or you heard there is a really hot cyclist on this team…), but you could end up having the reputation of a show off while slowing your roll.

3. Yay! You found a group! Now…how do you make friends?
• Help someone who is slower than you. It will make you feel better about yourself, it will make the experience less intimidating and you can have an immediate “losers bond”.

• Ask the more experienced riders for a few tips on upping your pace. I know it’s scary because you’re afraid they will be rude and snobbish but the truth is that most people like to help, (if not for the kindness of their heart than just for feeling even better about themselves…).

• Don’t be that embarrassing person that stops for a phone call and gets everyone upset. Use a cardo BK-1 to answer phone calls without slowing and annoying your team. Having a cool gadget like the cardo BK-1 can also get other cyclists to come asking you about it or asking you to click-to-link with their own set, a great way to break the ice…

4. While riding: communicate!
• If there is an obstacle in the path of the group, point it out. It’s also good etiquette to shout out and make it clear if it’s on the left or right. However, don’t push it… pointing things out unnecessarily also results in other riders starting to ignore you and not inviting you to the “after the ride beer”.
• Use signals from the first second of the ride, other people will follow your lead and good group communication will become the norm. If you’re going to do something unpredictable make sure people know about it; let’s face it, riding in a group can be dangerous sometimes, you have to be in sync and aware of what others are doing.

5. Use the cardo BK-1!!!!
cardo BK-1 is the ultimate group ride tool; you can have an intercom conversation with up to 5 people! (Not an annoying walkie-talkie noisy-cutting- you-off-in-the middle-of-a–sentence-thingy…but a real Bluetooth conference).
If you want to take some distance from the group, you have a range of up to 500 m / 1 640.4 feet!
You don’t need signals, you don’t need to shout and you don’t need to turn around to talk to someone. You don’t need to remove your hands from the bar; with its intuitive embedded voice control technology, a simple YO! for example, will accept an incoming call. And it’s not just mobile phone connectivity; you can get in-the-ear instructions from GPS devices and stream stereo music from an MP3 player or your smartphone.
The high-end speakers hovering above the ears (without touching them), deliver excellent audio quality and maximum comfort while allowing awareness of the surroundings.
It is aerodynamic and lightweight (under 50 grams), fully waterproof and dustproof and adapts easily to any environmental conditions.
So you see, the cardo BK-1 is a revolutionary communication system that adds a whole new dimension to cycling. Whether you are on the road or cycling in the mountains, the cardo BK-1 provides safety and freedom never experienced before.
What are you waiting for?! Let’s ride!

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